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Serving Shawnee, OK

Rates for different units

  • One bedroom - $500 with a $250 deposit

  • Two bedroom - $600 with a $300 deposit

  • 2-bedroom triplex end - $650 with a $350 deposit

  • Townhouse 2 bedroom - $700 to $750 with a deposit $350 to $375

  • Townhouse 3 bedroom - $800 with a $400 deposit

Download our rental and co-signer application

Looking for the ideal apartment in Shawnee, OK? Ken Del Manor Apts is your best bet. Contact Mary today for details on different unit floor plans. You can also download our credit rental application form. Co-signers need to submit a separate co-signer form.

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Rent an apartment within 2 miles of the Shawnee Mall! Call us today at 405-275-7744

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