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Serving Shawnee, OK

Get 2-bedroom townhouses measuring 1280 sq.ft. with various amenities. The tariff varies between $700 to $750 and the deposit is $350 to $375. A $750 unit includes washer and dryer.


You can pick a 3 bedroom townhouse of 1325 sq.ft. area for a $800 rent per month and a $400 deposit. You get a washer and dryer hook up along with other amenities.

Affordable 2-bedroom units

Opt for a 2-bedroom unit for a rent of $600 and a $300 deposit. These units measure 900 sq.ft. in area.


You can also go for one with a triplex end by paying just a little extra! The rent is $650 and deposit is $350.

  • Triplexes have washers and dryers included

  • All triplexes are ground floor units

  • You just pay $50 extra on rent and deposit as compared to our usual 2-bedroom units

Convenient unit floor plans for you

2-bedroom townhouses measuring 1280 sq.ft. at great prices!


Rent a 3-bedroom townhouse today! Call 405-275-7744

2 and 3 bedroom townhouses to choose from

You can take your pick from the multiple options offered by Ken Del Manor Apts. Our 1-bedroom floor plan is a 750 sq.ft. space that you can rent for $500. The deposit on this apartment is only $250.

Extra facilities for a 2-bedroom unit with triplex end

Unit floor plan 2 bedroom Unit floor plan 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom Unit floor plan 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom pool windows